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officiant For Your Wedding

Officiant Services

Our wedding officiant services aim to ensure everything is taken care of to finally tie the knot officially. We do anything we can to go above and beyond. This is your big day and there's nothing we want but for the two of you to be taken care of and happy with the rest of your lives together.

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Weddings Around Arizona

There is so much beauty around Arizona, and if you want to have your wedding at one of these beautiful places then we want to do whatever we can to make that possible. We have plenty of wedding venue recommendations, and can fly or drive to wherever you want yours to be!

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Our Wedding Venue

We host our very own fully furnished, comfortable and cozy wedding venue on our own property. We can provide everything necessary and work with you or your planner for seating, furniture and hospitality arrangements. We're flexible to tailor to exactly what you need.

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The Day Is About You

We take every opportunity we can to cater to your big day and make sure everything goes right.


We have been helping couples tie the knot for over 15 years, and apply our professionalism gained to your wedding in everyway we can.

Reasonable Price

The last thing you need to do when starting your new life with your spouse, is spend every penny you have. We understand that and dont expect you to.

Anywhere In Arizona

Every couple has different requirements for their wedding, especially when it comes to the venue. We'll go wherever it takes to make your day perfect.

We Care

We're the last thing you hear before joining your heart and life with your partner, we take that responsibility seriously and make sure your wedding is as amazing as possible.


If there is anything you can think of that might help make your big day just a little more special, feel free to ask us. We're happy to do whatever we can for you.

On Your Special Day

We LOVE to work with couples in love. The joy and excitement is infectious! There are so many reasons that we enjoy being Wedding Officiants.

We will offociate weddings at any choice of venue, and the possibilities around Tucson are endless! Parks, backyards ( including our own ), Gates Pass, Mt. Lemmon or any chapel and resort! Our rates are extremely low, between 100 and 300, depending on the location and size of wedding. Short notices, elopments and military discounts are something we very much support! Want to do something really special? Call us and we'll quote any event!

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